Nium and Travelex launch new digital remittance offering in Hong Kong

15 Jun 2021

Travelex International Money Transfer aims to offer Hong Kong residents a faster and convenient method to transfer money overseas.

HONG KONG, 15 June, 2021Travelex, one of the market leading  foreign exchange brands, alongside advanced global payments platform Nium, has today announced the launch of its new digital remittance offering (“Travelex International Money Transfer”) to users in Hong Kong. Already live in Australia and Singapore, this digital remittance offering – powered by Nium’s global payment rails and real-time payment capabilities – enables Travelex users in Hong Kong to remit money to more than 50 markets across the world almost instantly[1]

Over recent years, Hong Kong has developed a diversified and inclusive payment ecosystem that enables residents to make instant domestic fund transfers via the Faster Payment System (FPS)[2]. However, cross-border payment remains to be a challenge given the long processing time and high costs involved, with the local government looking at ways to enhance and speed up its cross-border bank remittance services.

Cameron Hume, Managing Director, Travelex Asia Pacific said, “Expanding our Travelex digital suite to offer digital remittance services to users in Hong Kong is a natural next step for us. With social distancing measures still in place across the globe, we understand the growing need for customers to have access to faster and more convenient ways to transfer funds across borders. We are excited to offer this new service to Hong Kong users, providing them a seamless way to send funds abroad.”

As part of this partnership, Travelex will leverage Nium’s Remittance-as-a-Service (RaaS) solution, which makes it easier for companies to become payment providers and offer remittance services on their own digital platforms. With RaaS, businesses are not required to build their own payment infrastructure. Instead, they can simply build their brand on top of an existing platform and leverage Nium’s extensive portfolio of regulatory licenses in over 40 countries. 

Prajit Nanu, Co-Founder and CEO of Nium, said, “At Nium, we understand the difficulties for businesses to introduce remittance services at scale. This is why our RaaS solution aims to make it more accessible for enterprises of all sizes to facilitate their own payment systems. With a thriving fintech scene in Hong Kong, we’re excited to introduce this remittance service to help boost the city’s status as a global financial centre.”

A Travelex International Money Transfer mobile app will be launched in Hong Kong shortly. Travelex will also continue to expand its digital remittance offering to major markets in Asia Pacific in the coming months. Consumers in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia can now access Travelex International Money Transfer via their local Travelex website.

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About Nium

Nium is a next-generation financial services platform that enables companies around the world to unlock new revenue opportunities and improve cash flow economics. Nium is a leader in its geographical and payment service breadth, owning licenses in the world’s largest and fastest-growing economies. Our modular platform allows banks, payment providers, travel companies, and other businesses to collect and disburse funds in local currencies to over 100 countries, plus issue physical and virtual cards globally. Our proprietary set of APIs embeds financial services and can bring to life multiple B2B and B2C use cases in a matter of weeks.

Nium is part of CB Insights Fintech 250, which highlights the most promising Fintech companies globally. Today, Nium serves over 130 million customers and enables platforms to provide access to financial services to over 3 billion people across the world. For more information, visit:

About Travelex

Founded in 1976, Travelex has grown to become one of the market leading specialist providers of foreign exchange products, solutions and services, operating across the entire value chain of the foreign exchange industry in more than 20 countries. Travelex has developed a growing network of over 900 ATMs and more than 1,100 stores in the some of the world’s top international airports and in major transport hubs, premium shopping malls, high street locations, supermarkets and city centres.

Travelex has built a growing online and mobile foreign exchange platform, and also processes and delivers foreign currency orders for major banks, travel agencies and hotels worldwide. In addition, the group sources and distributes large quantities of foreign currency banknotes for customers on a wholesale basis - including for central banks and international financial institutions. Travelex also offers a range of remittance and international money transfer products around the world.

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[1] In markets where Nium offers real-time services. For full details, please visit:

[2] A New Trend for Fintech - Cross-border Payment, HKMA, December 2020