Restructuring progress and consent fee

13 Jul 2020

Travelex Financing Plc

Restructuring Progress and Consent Fee

Travelex Financing Plc
13 July 2020


13 July 2020


Travelex Financing Plc (“Travelex” or the “Company”)

Restructuring Progress and Lock-Up Consent Fee Confirmation

Travelex is pleased at progress being made on the proposed debt restructuring.

Travelex reminds noteholders that any noteholder who accedes to the lock-up agreement in accordance with its terms by 5pm London time on 16 July 2020 (the “Consent Fee Date”) will receive a consent fee in the amount of 50bps of the total Locked-Up Noteholder Debt (as defined in the lock-up agreement) held by that acceding noteholder as at the Consent Fee Date, payable in cash upon the Restructuring Effective Date (as defined in the lock-up agreement).

Restructuring – Explanatory Conference Call

The Company would like to invite Senior Secured Noteholders to a conference call to be held on 14 July 2020 at 4pm GMT. The purpose of the call is to explain the rationale for the proposed debt restructuring announced on 7 July. Dial in details are included below.

Further information

Conference Call Details

  • Start date & time: 14 July 2020 – 16:00 GMT
  • Duration (hh:mm): 01:00
  • Dial in:
    • Number(s)
      • UK: 0844 581 9089 ; 0845 359 0170
      • USA Toll Free: 1 866 966 5335
    • Password: 14072020

Lock-Up Agreement

A copy of the lock-up agreement is available to SSNs upon request from the information and tabulation agent (see below) and will be available upon registering on

Before making a decision with respect to the lock-up agreement, SSNs should carefully consider all of the information.

Further details about the transaction can be obtained from the information and tabulation agent:

GLAS Specialist Services Limited
45 Ludgate Hill
London EC4M 7JU
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 20 3597 2940
Attention: Manager Liability Management – Travelex

SSNs are also encouraged to contact PJT Partners, financial adviser to the AHC, with any questions that they may have in relation to the process (, +44 (0) 203 650 1100).

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