Group board

The Travelex Board jointly oversees the activities of the business as a whole.

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Khalifa Butti Bin Omeir


Mr Khalifa Bin Butti is an Entrepreneur and Investor from the United Arab Emirates. He has been appointed as Travelex Chairman in 2015. His successful career has commenced in Finance when he joined ADNOC after graduating from University of Suffolk, Boston. He went from there to start his own investment firm, KBBO Group in 2004. From a humble beginning, Mr Khalifa has grown his business to become one of the most successful investment groups in Abu Dhabi with a diversified portfolio of 2 startups and multiple acquisitions in the fields of finance, real estate, healthcare, trading, defence and technology. Throughout his career, he has chaired and managed multiple reputable organizations. He currently holds the title of chairman for KBBO Group, Bin Butti International Holding, One Financial Markets UK, Infinite Investments, Cosmesurge and Emirates Hospital. He is also the Executive Vice Chairman of Centurion Investments and previously held the role of Vice Chairman for NMC for 3 years.

Financial Report

On the board:

Khalifa Butti Bin Omeir Chairman

Dr B R Shetty Vice Chairman

Tony D'Souza Chief Executive Officer

James Birch General Counsel

Abdulrahman Basaddiq (FCA) Non Executive Director and Chairman of the Group Audit and Risk Committee

Jonathon Bomford Non Executive Director and Chairman of the Remuneration Committee

Binay Raghuram Shetty Non-Executive Director

Hani Buttikhi Non Executive Director

Karim Awad Non Executive Director

Gavin Laws Non Executive Director

Victoria Bénis-Lonsdale Group Company Secretary