Appointment of New Chairman

16 Apr 2019


Appointment of New Chairman

In connection with the change of intermediate shareholder of Travelex Holdings Limited to Finablr Limited, Travelex announces that its Chairman, Khalifa Butti Bin Omeir has stepped down from his position as director and Chairman of the Board of the Travelex Holdings Limited, and is to be replaced as Chairman by current Vice-Chairman, Dr BR Shetty. Binay Shetty will become Vice-Chairman.



Andrea Gordon

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About Travelex

Headquartered in London, Travelex has a rich heritage in foreign currency, pioneering the travellers’ cheques of the past and the digital payments of the future. With a presence in over 27 countries, and over 1,200 stores at both on-airport and off-airport locations around the world, Travelex has distilled its expertise and experience into a platform that reinvents physical and digital cross-border money movement globally to ensure its clients remain one step ahead of the competition. The platform provides financial institutions with a trusted, efficient and accurate international payments service, plus secure and reliable banknote delivery of both major and exotic currencies.

A category leading independent foreign exchange specialist, the business covers the entire value chain of the retail foreign exchange industry. Travelex Group is also active in the remittances and payments space enabling physical and digital cross-border money movement for consumers and financial institutions.

Travelex is part of the Finablr network of brands. With category renowned brands in its fold, Finablr provides a broad array of innovative and trusted financial solutions for consumers, corporates and enterprises, through its deep regulatory know-how, relentless focus on technological innovation and a global network of retail stores, digital channels, payments platforms and industry partnerships.


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