Our history

From one store to nearly 1,000 stores, we’ve built a global business that customers know and trust. 

Our geographic reach has grown both organically and through targeted acquisitions, including FX Africa in South Africa and Grupo Confidence in Brazil. In 2015 Lloyd Dorfman, Apax and Standard Chartered completed the sale of Travelex to Dr Shetty and Centurion Investments.

See the Travelex history in our timeline below.

Date Milestone
2015 Travelex launches the Supercard pilot. Supercard is the only product of its kind that lets customers spend with their debit or credit card abroad without paying international roaming fees. After a highly successful pilot test, the new product will launch summer 2016
2015 Travelex secures licence to import and export foreign currency and commence a wholesale business in China
2015 Travelex becomes the first exclusive foreign exchange provider at Heathrow Airport
2015 Anthony Wagerman is appointed CEO
2015 Dr Shetty and Mr Saeed Bin Butti buy Travelex
2014 Travelex starts its digital transformation strategy, spearheaded by Chief Digital Officer Sean Cornwell
2013 Travelex begins trading in Panama, becoming the first Travelex-branded store in Latin America
2011 Travelex sells its card programme management business to Mastercard for £290 million, and sells Travelex Global Business Payments to Western Union for £606 million in order to focus on the consumer
2011 Travelex purchases a shareholding in FX Africa and announces the acquisition of Grupo Confidence in Brazil
2011 Peter Jackson is appointed the CEO of Travelex
2009 First foreign exchange ATM in Asia-Pacific goes live in Brisbane Airport
2008 Travelex opens stores in Beijing Airport
2007 Travelex opens in Auckland Airport
2005 Apax becomes Travelex's majority shareholder
2004 Travelex lands China
2003 Travelex opens in Oman, its first store in the Middle East
2003 The Travelex ticket season at the National Theatre is born
2003 Travelex India is born
2003 Travelex sponsors the ITV Rugby World Cup and Jonny Wilkinson
2001 Travelex acquires Thomas Cook Financial Services for £440 million
1999 Travelex acquires Barclay's foreign exchange in the UK, kick starting our vault operations
1998 3i become shareholders after buying out Abbey National and Hombros in a seven-year deal
1995 Abbey National buys a 33 percent stake of Travelex as we take over Abbey National's foreign exchange
1993 Travelex takes over Mutual of Omaha, procuring stores in 50 terminals at 34 airports across the US
1990 Travelex opens in Brisbane's domestic terminal
1989 Travelex opens branches in New York's John F. Kennedy Airport
1986 Travelex become the first non-bank foreign exchange provider at Heathrow Terminal 4
1985 Travelex opens in Belgium's cruise terminal Zeebrugge
1984 Travelex opens first overseas branch in the Netherlands at North Sea terminal, Rotterdam
1982 Travelex opens its first ferry outlet on board the P&O ferry serving Rotterdam
1979 Travelex opens first foreign exchange bureau on the road to the Dover seaport
1978 Travelex's third store opens in Oxford Circus, London
1977 Travelex's second store opens in Cromwell Road, London
1976 Lloyd Dorfman opens the first Travelex store in Southampton Row, London




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